Toughlie 360: Teaching Tool That Can Replicate Any Lie On Golf Course

Toughlie 360: Teaching Tool That Can Replicate Any Lie On Golf Course

ToughLie 360 is a fiberglass platform topped by artificial turf which can easily rotates 360° and re-create every lie on a golf course within seconds.

The product is the brainchild of Rick Summers and has the endorsement of Allan Small, former NJSGA Amateur champion and five-time Senior Amateur champion.

“It’s the most under-taught and under-practiced thing in golf,” Small said. “You can put it on the range or use it on the short-game area. It’s great for teachers, who can teach a swing for any kind of lie.

“It’s a great product. The goal is to get it on every practice area in the country. It is so easy to use,” Small added.

Among the attributes for ToughLie 360:

Simple to use for any player – No instructions needed

Two Units available – 4° & 8° Gradients

Engage your customer with fun new way to practice

Ideal for your driving range and short game facilities alike

Perfect for changing the lie and club between shots

Contoured sides allow the user to easily slide balls onto the hitting surface

Easily rotates 360° – Re-create every lie on your course within seconds

Revenue generator for Clinics/Camps/Lessons

Ideal for teaching both long and short game

Perfect for players of all ability levels, from beginners to experts

Provide your students an exciting new reason to engage in a comprehensive lesson program

Affordable pricing, incremental revenue opportunities for PGA Professionals


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