NJSGA Announces Winter Revisions

NJSGA Announces Winter Revisions

On January 2nd, 2008 the NJSGA along with surrounding regional golf associations will be introducing winter handicap revisions. There will be four winter season revisions occurring on the first Wednesday of January, February, March and December 2008. Therefore, if you plan on playing golf in Florida, the Carolinas, California, or anywhere else where it is in-season, post your scores either at the club’s GHIN computer where you play or at www.njsga.org. On the dates mentioned above, your handicap index will be revised accordingly. The regular season revision schedule in our area will commence on April 1st as usual.

Golfers who are currently receiving the NJSGA Handicap EBulletin will have their updated handicap index emailed to them on these winter season dates. To sign up for the Handicap EBulletin, a free service provided by the NJSGA, click here. The Handicap Lookup at www.ghin.com will also be up to date with your handicap information. In addition, if your New Jersey club is open you can print a handicap label displaying your revised Handicap Index via your home club’s GHIN computer.

The NJSGA is excited to offer this additional service as the revisions will help keep handicaps more up to date and the ebulletin will allow us to keep golfers informed about upcoming events for the 2008 season. If you have any questions or concerns about the new schedule, feel free to send an email to handicaps@njsga.org.

Click below to view the 2008 Handicap Revision Schedules.

2008 Handicap Revision Schedule

2008 Off-Season Handicap Revision Schedule

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