Indoor Golf Tour: Hudson Golf

Indoor Golf Tour: Hudson Golf

HOBOKEN, N.J. - Hoboken’s population of young commuters and work from home professionals is rapidly expanding, but access to golf facilities in Hudson County is slender. 

Hoboken is also known for its bustling restaurant and bar scene. On any given night, local establishments are filled with folks of all ages. 

For Erin Pucciarelli and Hunter Waterman, co-founders of Hudson Golf, an indoor golf simulator, bar & kitchen – they’ve come up with the perfect combination to meld those aspects all together. 

At Hudson Golf, located right on Hudson Place, the convenience of placing this facility in Hoboken just made sense for Pucciarelli and Waterman.  

“When we got here (Hoboken), I couldn't get over that there was no golf simulator and bar venue,” said Hunter. "I just couldn't believe that that didn't exist.” 

It was 2020 and Erin and Hunter were living and working in New York City. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple trekked down to the Jersey Shore to live with Erin’s parents. With not much else to do besides golf, Hunter joined Jumping Brook Country Club, hopping out to play twilight rounds after work as much as he could. After playing a few months, Hunter caught the itch, but it was time for the couple to get their own place again, and they landed on Hoboken. 

With still so much time spent inside, Hunter yearned for an outlet to get a couple of swings, but locally, there weren’t many options. 

“If you look outside, people are walking around with golf clubs. Where are they going?” Hunter added. “Golf is extremely popular in Hoboken, so I approached Erin with the idea and she was all on board.” 

Conversing with his then fiancé about the challenges, the duo created their vision: Hudson Golf.  

They delved right into the project. Researching, learning and patiently building their concept knowing there was a demand in the area. 

“A big part of living in Hoboken is how difficult it is to be a golfer,” said Hunter. “If you don't belong to a club, then it's almost impossible to get a tee time anywhere. Then you're looking at a five hour round. Then if you do want to join a private club, you have to have serious money, especially after 2020.” 

Opening its doors less than a year ago, Hudson Golf has become a place for golfers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the sport while incorporating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for patrons. 

Hudson Golf is more than a golf simulator, it’s good eats, tasty libations, an opportunity to better your game with the help of a PGA professional and the option join a growing golfing community.  

“What we really want to do is change the way an indoor golf simulator place is viewed,” Hunter added “For instance, we hosted a member guest, which was really cool. What indoor place does something like that? Gaining respect in the golf community that this is not just a warehouse with simulators in it, there’s a serious community here.” 

Overlooking a picturesque view of the Hudson River and New York City skyline, Hudson Golf has become a place where the avid golfer meets the a group of friends for a low-key night on the town.  

“Something that I noticed after moving here is that there's a ton of bars that are nice. Then there's also the nicer restaurants with cocktails. There's not that many cocktail bars or just places that you can go and do an activity at. We saw that opportunity in Hoboken,” Erin explained.  

The facility is equipped with five hitting bays that each feature a TrackMan simulator and fits one to eight people. You can bring your own clubs or use the ones supplied.  

“We have people that love being here,” expressed Daniel Castano, PGA. “People will be here midday, they're working from here, taking calls, taking meetings, bringing clients in, but also feeling very relaxed – there's no dress code, so I think people really enjoy the kind of the energy and atmosphere here. It's not really a place where I think someone walks in and doesn't feel comfortable. I think that says a lot for Erin and Hunter spearheading their vision with the business model.” 

For those looking for spur of the moment plans, this is it. Grab a handcrafted cocktail and hangout by the TVs while you wait for your bay. For those looking to take a lesson to sharpen their game, there’s Director of Golf, Daniel Castano, PGA available. For the foodies, there’s aplenty; grab a bite before or during play made by chef and Chopped contestant, Andrew Wagner. For those looking to plan a corporate event, private event or play on a league, Hudson Golf offers that, too. 

“We think we have something extremely special here,” Hunter added. “We’re unlike any other indoor golf facility. I think our differentiator is the service, the atmosphere and the food and cocktails. Anyone can put a trackman simulator in, it’s what we do outside of that.” 

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