Indoor Golf Tour: Florham Park Golf Club

Indoor Golf Tour: Florham Park Golf Club

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Aaron Asedo’s outlook on golf revolves around much more than just the golf swing. A successful player himself, Asedo understands that there are other components to the game to help achieve one’s goals. With that vision in mind, Asedo created Florham Park Golf Club to help elevate the training experience for all golfers. 

FPGC is an indoor golf facility equipped with top-notch technology to elevate your golf game and wellness journey.  

“I've always been a creative person and always a bit of an entrepreneur where I've had different businesses along the way. Having worked at golf clubs and moving into teaching roles and being a director of instruction - I've always liked helping my students,” Asedo explained. “Also, over the years of working out, health, fitness and wellness, taking care of myself, I wanted to do something bigger and call it my own. Florham Park Golf Club is a culmination of all of my passions into one.” 

Asedo has made stops at several noteworthy golf clubs in the area and his experience has helped lead him to this point. 

The opportunities at FPGC are plentiful. Asedo offers lessons on state-of-the-art TrackMan simulators. To tap into the health and wellness space, stretching, massages, a sauna and cold plunge are all available as well.  

"I designed this facility with a lot in mind,” Asedo added. “I’m TPI (Titliest Performance Institute) certified and having different training backgrounds, working on the health and wellness - I think that's the differentiator. The work that we do here with our clients - having a facility that encompasses the performance, from the physical standpoint as well as the golf, and tying it together, that's what separates us.” 

What has made FPGC so unique is its focus on player experience, transporting each visitor away from their busy everyday lives.  

“It's a space where people feel that they've kind of disappeared for the day,” Asedo said. “That they're at a spa or a luxury resort for the day. A lot of our members talk that way when they keep coming back.” 

FPGC also offers three different membership options; Junior Membership, Associate Membership and Founding Member, which all feature different privileges and benefits.  

With a background in furniture design, Asedo has curated FPGC to fit a sleek and modern facility – fit for players of all levels all while creating a welcoming and lively environment.  

“This is a place where I can help all of our students, provide an atmosphere where people are working on themselves, taking care of their health and also enjoying a bit of a social scene.” 

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