Final Phase Of Restoration Underway At Spring Lake

Final Phase Of Restoration Underway At Spring Lake

Golf course architecture firm Tripp Davis and Associates of Norman, Okla, has embarked on the second phase of its renovation and restoration of the Jersey Shore’s historic Spring Lake Golf Club. Spring Lake originally was designed by George Thomas in 1910, with A.W. Tillinghast coming in to restyle the greens and bunkers in 1918.

Davis, along with his shaper Jason Gold and golf course builder Mottin Golf, completed work on the back nine earlier this year and they now are focusing on the front nine tees and renovation and restoration of the bunkers. Additionally, the greens on the 14th and 5th holes also will be rebuilt in this second phase.

According to Spring Lake Golf Club’s greens chairman, Jim Hickey, “I think I can speak for the entire membership when I say that we are extremely happy with the results from Tripp’s work to date on the renovation project. We appreciate the efforts of the entire talented crew, from Josh Reiger, Jason Gold and everyone at Mottin Golf. The club anxiously awaits the completion of this important project in the club’s history.”

“The greens on holes Nos. 5 and 14 had been changed over the years and both holes really needed enhancement strategically and visually,” said Davis. “What were two of the weaker holes on the course may end up being two of the better holes once we have finished our work.”

Building two new greens gave Davis the chance to practice a favorite part of his craft, that is personally finishing the shaping of greens surfaces. “Finishing greens is one of the more artistic and detailed things we do and I love getting on a machine and having to spend a couple of days on each green just focused on the minute, strategic side of the subtle contours. It’s also very therapeutic,” commented Davis.

Davis and his team expect to return this winter to redo the rest of the tees, two more greens, along with expanding some of the greens back to their original size and shape.

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