Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Trailblazer at North Jersey Country Club, Chelsea Creo

Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Trailblazer at North Jersey Country Club, Chelsea Creo

WAYNE, N.J. - When Chelsea Creo came to North Jersey Country Club in 2018, she started as their Director of Events & Membership. Six years later, Creo climbed up the ladder, first to Assistant General Manager and then in April 2023, was deservingly tabbed the clubs General Manager.  

Throughout the years, Creo has masterfully taken on multiple projects. One of the most crucial goals for the club was to drive membership. With a standout golf course already on property, Creo had to get creative, and help bring out the best in North Jersey.  

"We put our heads together to figure out what the best way was to drive membership, make North Jersey more of a family friendly club and bringing that family element into what North Jersey has become today,” said Creo. 

Now, North Jersey is blossoming under her leadership in one of the most significant areas of the club.  

“Within the last two years, we have had a wait list for our A membership and for a few of the other membership categories." Creo explained. "The drive that we put together in 2018 and 2019 really pushed the membership over the top in a good way and has us with a great waitlist.” 

Despite her reluctancy, she took on the role of General Manager seamlessly.

“I was very comfortable in being the assistant GM,” Creo added. “This was a great career opportunity. If I didn't take the leap of taking it now in a place that I have been at for five years, knew the membership and the operations like the back of my hand, I might as well take it on and give it a shot somewhere I know I'm going to be supported. The board is going to back me up, the staff is going to back me, the membership is going to back me and I'm going to have all the tools at my disposal of making it the best shot that I can.” 

It was a no-brainer for the board and membership that Creo would be the perfect fit when they needed to fill the position of general manager. 

"Chelsea knows this place inside and out and has done a tremendous job,” expressed Peter Robertiello, North Jersey President. “She understands the golf industry. She understands what's needed at a country club. It was an easy fit for her to become the new GM. She jumped in with both feet and has made it better ever since.” 

Chelsea currently represents just one of 12 female general managers in the New Jersey Chapter of the Club Managment Association of America, made up of 204 members.  

“I have seen a drastic change in the last five to six years since I've been in the industry,” Creo explained. “There are more women at the club managers events and more women in the golf industry in general, which is amazing. After I took on this role, I helped create a female GM group. We meet regularly, discuss via e-mail, bounce ideas off one another - it's nice to have those females to talk to even though it's a small group.” 

Creo’s expertise extends across all areas of the operation at North Jersey. From the events, the pool, golf, tennis, dining – you name it. 

“Her and I work together closely day-to-day with golf tournaments, outings, and everything that has to do with the club,” said North Jersey Head Golf Professional Brian Krulfeifer. “She's a very organized person, very highly motivated and knows how to motivate her staff. It's no surprise that when our other GM left, a search didn't need to be done, she was the one for the job.” 

Originally designed by Walter Travis, North Jersey recently hired Brian Schneider of Renaissance Golf Design to restore the course to its original features.

“It’s really nice to have a GM that's so interconnected with what we do on the golf course,” James Surico, Senior Assistant Superintendent at North Jersey commented. “Chelsea knows every aspect of what we do, not only on a daily basis, but also with the project work that went on and with the future projects like putting the irrigation system in. She’s been very involved and eager to learn about what we do, how we do it and why we do things. She’s been really supportive of everything that we do and the efforts to put forth to transform the golf course.” 

Women in the golf industry are often underrepresented. It’s women like Creo who help move the needle.  

“Chelsea's personality shines because she's very engaging. All the members love her, she makes everybody feel comfortable and at home. She's definitely the right person (for the job) and hopefully she sets a precedent in the industry for more women to get involved from a management standpoint.” 

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