Beat Scratch Challenge Brings Fun To The Golf Course

Beat Scratch Challenge Brings Fun To The Golf Course

Attention NJSGA members who play public golf courses -- play Beat Scratch and win a chance to play esteemed Plainfield County Club.

What is Beat Scratch? This a unique event that is both real and virtual. This is NOT AN ONLINE GAME. The golf is very real. Enter your 18-hole gross score minus your Course Handicap to determine if you beat scratch. And someone in your playing group must attest your score with a signature.

The Beat Scratch Challenge is open to all golfers who have NJSGA/GHIN handicaps at public golf courses that are members of the NJSGA. We hope that this will add extra excitement to a casual round of golf by challenging golfers to beat the scratch golfer using their handicaps.

The Beat Scratch Challenge is underway, complete with a leaderboard. CLICK FOR LEADERBOARD

The winning prize is also very real, which is an invitation to play the esteemed Plainfield Country Club in Edison. Plainfield is one of the most highly regarded golf courses in New Jersey which most recently hosted the PGA Tour Barclay's Championship in 2011 and 2015.

It is also the home club of Leighton Calkins who is known to be the Father of the USGA Handicap System.

How to enter? Players will be submitting their scores by photographing their scorecards with their smart phone and emailing it to the NJSGA ( The score is then reviewed and entered at the NJSGA.

Any round of golf played through Sunday, August 14, where your NET score is equal or better than the Course Rating (rounded .5 and up) qualifies for the Beat Scratch Challenge. There is no limit to the number scores that may be submitted during this time but you must submit a minimum five scores. Your lowest five net scores that Beat Scratch will count for the competition.

Some notes: Before playing determine what tee you will compete from and then convert your USGA Handicap Index to the Course Handicap of the tee you've decided to play. Write the Course Handicap (CH) along with your GHIN Number underneath your full name where it is easily visible.

Play your normal round of golf – take your ESC maximum score on any holes that you struggle with except the 18th hole. Call us traditionalists but the NJSGA wants you to finish your round by putting the ball in the hole.

Next, deduct your Course Handicap from your 18-Hole score and then compare it to the USGA COURSE RATING of the tee you have just played. If your 18-hole score is equal to or below the rounded Course Rating you can enter it into the challenge by taking a picture of the scorecard and emailing it to


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