10th Simpson Cup Held at Baltusrol Represents Much More than Winning or Losing

10th Simpson Cup Held at Baltusrol Represents Much More than Winning or Losing

Pictured: Shauna Snyder, 55, U.S. Army Medical Department

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. – The 10th Simpson Cup has concluded at Baltusrol Golf Club on Wednesday, August 31 and Team Great Britain came away with the win to defeat Team United States, 13.5 to 5.5.

Despite a loss for Team USA, the Simpson Cup serves as much more than just any other team match. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that features injured Servicemen and veterans from the USA and Britain. It was founded by John Simpson, former Senior Vice President of International Management Group (IMG), who only has one fully functioning leg as a result of suffering from polio as a child.

The Simpson Cup benefits the On Course Foundation, an organization that supports the recovery of wounded, injured and ill Service personnel and veterans through golf. On Course also helps teach members the rules, the history and the etiquette of the game. Additionally, they guide members into roles in the golf industry. Most importantly, the On Course Foundation offers their members an outlet to change their lives through the game of golf.

“The real triumph in watching what we do is seeing them come in with really low in confidence, not really enjoying the world or having much to focus on, and then they find the great game of golf as we know, they're in and the focus is there, we get them back playing golf with their comrades,” explained On Course Executive Director John Dodds. “The comradery is super strong at our events, and they soon realize that they're not as bad off as they thought they were.”

Shauna Snyder, formerly in the U.S. Army Medical Department is the only female that competed this year for Team USA. Her experience with On Course has been a game changer and has allowed her to find a career after serving in the Army for 32 years. Now, she role at On Course is Military Liaison and Employment Manager, as well as a competitor.

“Transitioning after 33 years, it's really hard to shift because it's just like going from 100 miles an hour to stop and it's really hard sometimes to just adjust your life to that pace,” Snyder explained. “On Course has allowed me to stay engaged. I feel like I'm clearly not going 100 miles an hour, which I didn't want to do in a job, but I'm doing something that I'm still passionate about.”

In the past, these competitors have felt a team aspect working with fellow servicemen on the line of duty. Now, although in a different aspect, they are still representing their country, and doing so proudly.

Pictured: Nick Kimmel (Team USA), John Simpson, Steve Cross (Team GB)

“You have that obligation to put out the best image and character, and person from the United States and then represent your country as far as patriotism goes,” explained Nick Kimmel, a Marine Corps veteran, triple amputee and two-time Simpson Cup USA member. “This is right along those same lines to come out here and battle against the UK, which we've been doing since 1776.”

The Ryder Cup style tournament featured four-ball Matches on Baltusrol’s Upper Course on Tuesday and singles matches on the Lower Course on Wednesday. With the 2022 win going to Team GB, they have evened the overall series with Team USA, 5-5.  

Those interested in learning more or supporting the On Course Foundation, head to oncoursefoundationusa.org

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