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Robert Cronheim

  • 2013
Robert Cronheim

The co-recipients of the 2013 NJSGA/NJPGA Distinguished Service Award are two past presidents of the NJSGA, Adrian “Bud” Foley (1986-87) and Robert “Bob” Cronheim (1992-93), who have each been a driving force in golf in New Jersey.

Foley and Cronheim were both outstanding during their respective tenures and they have continued to work tirelessly on behalf of golf in New Jersey well after their terms ended.

Together, Foley and Cronheim became the impetus behind the creation of NJSGA headquarters at Galloping Hill Golf Course, a project that began nearly two decades ago. It is impossible to tally the number of hours these two astute gentlemen have devoted to supporting golf in New Jersey.

“Aside from being extremely successful individuals in their respective fields, Bob and Bud have been guiding forces behind what the NJSGA has evolved into today,” said NJSGA president Frank O’Brien.

“They were certainly the major thrust and laid the foundation to what we see today as our beautiful office accommodation at the Galloping Hill Golf Course,” O’Brien added.

Both have been quiet dynamos behind the scenes and out of the limelight, but actively growing the game and the NJSGA over the years. Both are lifetime sustaining members as two of the most generous donors in the history of the NJSGA Caddie Scholarship Foundation.

During Cronheim’s tenure as president, the NJSGA Youth Foundation was created, including the Challenge Cup Pro-Am, today known as the NJSGA Youth Foundation Pro-Am. The Pro-Am is the fundraiser for the charity.

Today, the Youth Foundation is stronger than ever and has supported and continues to support youth-based programs throughout the state, including the various First Tee organizations in New Jersey.

As former owner of Twin Brooks Country Club and a past president of Deal Golf and Country Club, Cronheim was instrumental in having both clubs support NJSGA, New Jersey PGA, and MGA tournaments over the years. He has been extremely generous with both his time and in giving of his courses for multiple golf organizations in New Jersey.

He is a graduate of Princeton University , where he was class president, and then served in the U.S. Air Force (1950-53).

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