Trenton C.C.

Course Description

When you cross the threshold of our clubhouse, you’ll follow in the footsteps of notable figures in history. Astor (1901), Roosevelt (1901), Rockefeller (1911), Chaplin (1919) and Crosby (1928) are just a few of the distinguished guests who signed TCC’s leather-bound registry as they entered to dine with colleagues or enjoy an afternoon on one of America’s first golf courses.

The site was formerly the “Oaklands” estate (circa 1808)--the summer residence of George Whitefield Woodruff, a lifelong New Jerseyan. In 1798, President John Adams appointed and uprooted George Woodruff to serve as US District Attorney for Georgia. His absence left his brother, Aaron Dickinson Woodruff, to select the site and oversee the construction of a suitable summer house, a long and arduous duty he performed while serving as Attorney General to NJ also at the behest of President Adams. 

Trenton Country Club formally opened its doors in 1897, the vision of six enterprising area businessmen. By 1899, local papers referred to TCC simply as “The Country Club” when they revealed results of golf and tennis matches and details of parties and the fashions worn by guests. Early club activities also included horseback riding, skeet shooting and baseball. In 1935, TCC’s pool facility was opened with great celebration. 

Today, our members mark their own history--with a legendary putt or a medal at a swim team event. We invite you to be a part of our extraordinary family and share in its exciting future.


1979 and 1998 Women’s Amateur Championship

1927 Men’s Amateur Championship

1941 and 2001 Four Ball Championship

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