Rumson C.C.

Course Description

The Rumson Country Club was founded on November 23, 1908 consolidating the Golf Club, the Polo Club, and the Yacht Club. Its objective was “the development of outdoor sport and physical exercise and the recreation of its members.” Charles D. Halsey encouraged the consolidation because he thought it would allow reasonable economies and serves as a focus of community life. The formal opening of the clubhouse was on July 3, 1910, when Edward D. Adams hoisted a large American flag on the bowling green.

During the Twenties the Rumson Country Club was the most elegant facility on the Jersey shore. There were formal dances every Saturday night with big name bands from New York. At this time the club’s annual polo tournament was a major event with teams from around the US and occasionally other countries visiting Rumson.

After the original clubhouse burnt down on February 7, 1945, planning began for a new clubhouse. The new clubhouse, the former Johnson house, was transported down the river during the summer of 1946. On October 10, 1946 the house was finally set on the foundation at the club, twenty days ahead of schedule.

In 2005, the Club completed its latest renovation including a new kitchen, club room, and expanded terrace.

NJSGA Events Hosted:

1995 and 2005 Women’s Amateur Championship

2012 Junior & Boy's Championship

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