Metedeconk National G.C.

Metedeconk National G.C.
Metedeconk National G.C.

Course Description

Initially, Dick Sambol wanted to build a trailer park. That was this plan for the 1,200 acres he and his son Herb had acquired in and around Jackson Township, New Jersey in the 1970's around the same time I-195 was being built there. They began thinking of other uses for that land. Residential, commercial, maybe a combination of both. In time, they also hit on the idea of building a golf course there. Not as the feature attraction, but rather as an amenity that would draw potential buyers and leasers to the development they wanted to construct. It didn't take long for the golf course to overtake the greater plan in terms of importance. Much of that came as a result of the praise Hall of Fame architect Robert Trent Jones heaped upon the property after the Sambols had retained him to design a course there.

Robert Trent Jones' design career had led him to spend as much time around golf and country clubs as anyone in the game – and he knew superior golf architecture and design. And the other prominent golf figure was Ernie Ransome. Mr. Ransome was President and Chairman of the Board of the hallowed Pine Valley for 24 years and was the man in charge of running what is universally regarded as one of the best-run clubs in the game. Both Sambols talked to them extensively, asked questions, listened to their answers and took note of their sage suggestions. And not surprisingly, they ended up implementing many of their ideas as they organized and opened the club.

A small and simple club when it opened in 1987, Metedeconk was blessed with a superior championship level golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. Mr. Richard Sambol, the visionary and owner, was guided by a carefully considered set of principles on building a national membership of the leading captains of industry who all shared in the love of the game of golf. Mr. Sambol had a clear vision for the club. However, he knew enough to know that he needed help from some of the most successful and prominent golf figures in the business.


1990 MGA Carey Cup (not the original name, but what it is referred to currently)

1994 NJSGA Open Championship

1999 and 2004 Four Ball Championship

2003 Met Open

2011 NJSGA Father-Son Championship

2011 NJ PGA Professional Championship

2012 Met Sr. Amateur

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