Mattawang G.C.

Course Description

The Mattawang Golf Club was originally opened in 1960 as a private golf course under the Pike Brook Country Club. It continued to operate in this manner until the early 1980’s, enjoying a stable membership and a reputation as a “hidden gem” of a golf course. Early in its existence during an invitational tournament, Jack Nicklaus shot a score of 66 from the back tees, which remains the course record.

In the mid-1980’s the course was sold to a series of developers and barely survived plans to be turned into housing. In 1993 the present owners purchased the course. They immediately embarked upon a rigorous program of maintenance and improvement. A new clubhouse was constructed, a new sprinkler system was installed, greens and tees were enhanced and/or rebuilt to restore and improve their ability to handle increased public play. Bunker complexes were redesigned and reconstructed, and above all an extremely capable golf course superintendent and maintenance team were brought in to keep everything in peak condition.

With the change to a semi-private, daily fee course a new name seemed appropriate. Through research at the local library, it was discovered that at one time a local Native American tribe had lived on the site of the property. Their name was the Mattawangs which translates to “travel a difficult path”.

The Mattawang Golf club is now operated as a semi-private golf club.

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